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  •  it's all about "victimization" (5+ / 0-)
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    in my opinion. Tea Partiers, by definition, are trying to put themselves on the moral highground, like the original Revolutionary era tea party, by trying to convince everyone (including themselves, it seems) that they are, somehow, victims. Victims of everyone. Victims of a system that takes from them to help others. Victims of the national news media and mainstream political thinkers who they think are "pandering" to those received governmental benefits. Victims of alleged "reverse discrimination" (yet another delusion). Victims of a society that, in their world, rewards the poor and punishes the rich and the middle class. Victims of a society that mandates them to do things they don't paying taxes and getting health insurance. Victims of an oppressive federal government that...somehow...oppresses them (with no evidence).

    They have, somehow, convinced themselves that the slaves of the 18th century had it easy compared to them.
    (In their world...well...all those slaves had  food and a roof over their head...and didn't have to pay what did they have to complain about?)

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