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  •  I both agree and disagree (2+ / 0-)
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    One Pissed Off Liberal, adrianrf

    Your points are well taken, and I fully agree with them - in the context of convincing the audience of the diary to consider my opinion, I try to keep a civil and respectful tone.

    Sometimes the target of the diary is not the person directly addressed.  Sometimes the target is secondary - the audience of the person to whom the diary is addressed. At that point, I am perfectly willing to engage the secondary audience's fear of ridicule.

    For example, when I hear someone trying to convince local school boards to stop teaching evolution because it's 'only a theory', I have no intent to change that person's mind.  I want the politicians who are tempted to listen to him to know that buying that line will make them look six kinds of idiot.  

    TL;DR version, as can be seen from my first diaries - I believe there is a time to take the cheap shot.

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