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View Diary: The upcoming "debates" and what they will say about the human mind. (10 comments)

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  •  Read "Self-Insight" by David Dunning... (4+ / 0-)

    In which he shows how most of us
    do not have it.  
    We do not learn from our mistakes.
    We believe incongruous bullshit.
    We have received bad programming as children that our brains have a very hard time getting rid of.

    Which is why we have to stop letting people be indoctrinated by religion at such a young is very difficult to punch your way out of that paper bag.

    A missionary friend of mine, sees no incongruity when she says, with fear in her voice, about why she travels to the Middle East to try to convert Muslims and why they are so "hard to convert" and why they "hate" us...

    "Because their parents whisper the hate into their cribs"!!!

    OMG! She can't even see that she whispered the same hate into her own kid's cribs!!!

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