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  •  the senate is indeed a major chokepoint (12+ / 0-)

    i made that point myself, during many of these battles, and i hold obama rather less responsible for failures that involve the senate, just as i hold him more responsible for things like his awful educational policy, which is done mainly through the dept. of education.

    i'm generally far less upset with obama than congressional democrats, actually. i do fault him for not making better use of the executive branch to force policy shifts that had been blocked by congress, and for generally being a sucker strategically when it came to trusting in bipartisanship and the democratic senate's moderate wing. but even then, he's the best president i've seen in my lifetime, and i hope that he is more effective in his second term, and gets a less useless democratic congress to work with.

    i hope if he gets that, though, he doesn't try to pre-compromise like he did with that stimulus, and i hope he is less afraid of appearing too forceful, and actually makes better use of the various forms of power that he does have. education aside, he's got pretty decent policy stances, by and large.

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