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View Diary: Base Closings: Red vs. Blue breakdown (58 comments)

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  •  State totals (none)
    ...are from the pdf that you can find here.

    Check your email for the spreadsheet.

    •  Thanks! (none)
      I got the email, and I appreciate you showing off the source.

      I must quibble a bit (its my nature) with your choice of BLUE and RED.  Specifically, how did you choose Blue or Red?  I'd suggest either (a) 2004 presidential election, (b) 1996+2000+2004 presidential election, or (c) GOP v Dem number of Congressmen.

      I ask because NM is listed as blue, as is NH.  NM went Bush in 04, and NH went Kerry, but has lots of GOPs in Congress and in state government.  On the flip, while WV went Bush, they've been putting Dems into all other political slots for years.

      So, as a general question -- how does one emperically determine which states are red and which are blue?

      •  Feel free to quibble! (none)

        I'm not a pro at this, and don't pretend to be. Constructive criticism is welcome.

        My source for Blue and Red was based on Presidential election returns from last fall. Since NM was lingering back and forth, it could well be that my source was not final or definitive.

        Glad you got the email...

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