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  •  MA Is A Gainer! (none)
    While I don't doubt that there was some politics to these closing recommendations, it's not everything. All the proof you need: Massachusets, that "hotbed for liberalism" and home of John Kerry is among the job gainers.
    •  Well, yeah (none)
      there's not much left to lose after the previous closings. Devens is long gone, Edwards is long gone, the South Weymouth Naval Air Station, the Charlestown Naval Shipyard, all gone. And Otis went from an AFB to an Air National Guard base, and that's supposed to go on this round.

      Basically, what's left is Westover and Hanscom. And Hanscom's getting the transferred jobs--but it's still much smaller than it used to be.They've carved out a nice niche as a high-tech R&D facility, which is good.

      I know some of this base closing is political, but if you look at all the base closings since they started this--it's more climate than politics. Seemingly the armed forces don't want to deal with cold and snow. The series of closings have hit the nothern tier of states the hardest. And this is no different. Alaska loses 5,000 jobs. CT 8000. IL 2000. Maine 7000, New Jersey 4000, North Dakota 2500, Pennsylvania 1800, South Dakota 3,500. Some non-Northern states had significant losses--CA, NM, MO, and KY especially--but it was mostly northern. And the big winners, gaining thousands of jobs, were Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma,and Texas.  

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      by ChurchofBruce on Fri May 13, 2005 at 12:10:17 PM PDT

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