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View Diary: Good news from Portland on urban transit! (115 comments)

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  •  I'm riding it today (12+ / 0-)

    thanks Cartoon Peril I didn't know it was finished and operating. I live in the SE and we both work out of our home so we can get by with mostly walking and biking and I use my handy Red Rocket Speedway wagon for the big stuff I need.

    I do go downtown and to the Pearl every once in a while. I confess that I usually drive it. Last week we went to our tax accountant downtown and I vowed to get a freaking bus pass as the traffic and parking was nasty.

    I love the street cars and don't pay much attention to either the Boragonian or the Willamette Weekly as far they are just mouthpieces for the savvy businessmen who have no interest in keeping our city livable and weird.

    I think that the direction of our public transportation system and our urban development will help neighborhood businesses and communities develop. The people who live in these neighborhoods work hard to keep the greedy corrupt crooks from wrecking this great city, neighborhood by neighborhood.  

    Thanks for the dairy. I'm excited about taking the trip to the other side where I can check out how the West Side richie rich's shop and live. Just joking kind of. I liked the Pearl a lot better when it was not like a high end vertical mall.  


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