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  •  Most of the people saying that will never (5+ / 0-)

    ride them. They will never look at them rationally regardless of what they do or how much they cost. They could bring in $100 million a day to the city w/ $0.05 fares and they would complain about the processing costs.

    The streetcars around downtown are effective, this isn't really debatable to anybody that has ridden them. When I lived there it was very rare to find an "empty" car, and I wasn't just using them during peak, or busy hours. It was pretty rare that I could get onto one and sit down in a seat without going at least 1 stop because there were enough people on the car.

    A also agree with a point below about the system being good for both people who want to live without a car, which should be encouraged by anybody living in a reality-based world where climate change exists. If they don't acknowledge this I don't care about their opinion because it is not based in reality. When I lived in PDX I commuted solely by bike and public transit, I wish the new line had been completed before I left because looking at the plans they had it would have helped me out a lot on my commute.

    There are some areas where you have to walk, or switch a little to make your commute work, but it is worth it IMO. Now that I am in a place where there are legitimate 1 hour waits for the horrible transit system I have to drive everywhere. I constantly find myself asking how anybody does this voluntarily. I would rather spend an extra 10-15 minutes on my already long commute if I can just read a magazine or book, or look at the internet while I ride. The person commenting on 1 hour waits may have meant on the weekend when many lines cut in half, which is a major pain.

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      It's striking reading the comments on Oregon Live when anything about light rail comes up.  It is filled with hateful stuff from people who obviously have never ridden it in their lives.  Portland is really close to being a place where you can get along fine without a car.  I would be delighted if in a couple of years, as I approach the age where I really shouldn't be driving (nb to Jefferson Smith: you got there early), I can give up my automobile because it's no longer useful.

      I'm still mad about Nixon.

      by J Orygun on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 09:34:18 PM PDT

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