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  •  I worked in Manassas (4+ / 0-)

    and lived in Lake Ridge during the sniper shootings.  The kids homecoming parade and outside activities were canceled.  There was a lot of fear.  I can remember looking at white box trucks with suspicion and worrying when I got gas (and even to this day white box trucks make me a little nervous).  It was surreal.  I feel for the guy - I think everyone knew who the ringleader was.  But what is the solution?  Is our justice system revenge or rehabilitation?  Do we want this man, this killer,  back on the streets?  Do we want him to waste away in jail?  Kill him?  What about the victims and the victim's families?  There is certainly a lot of gray - and I am just glad I am not the one to have to make these kinds of decisions.

    •  Our justice system, and our political system... (2+ / 0-)
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      Villanova Rhodes, G2geek

      has become revenge only.  Lee was 14 when he came under the influence of John Muhammad, and was under his control   His actions could not have possibly brought him any gain, only destruction.  

      A few decades ago, he would have been tried as a juvenile, and released after he is shown not to be a threat to repeat his crimes.  Listen to the entire interviews, and you make your own decision.  

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