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  •  Feminist? Humanist? Istist? (1+ / 0-)
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    This is one of the places where labels get in the way.
    I was raised by very powerful women, partnered with self-secure men. Until I left home, I didn't see a world in which women were oppressed (The CT shoreline was a couple centuries out of touch when I was a kid). And my mother and her mother while BEING "liberated" women, were not having to deal with liberating themselves and so didn't use the label "feminist". My mother was an ardent supporter of the civil rights movement and was strongly focused on race relations rather than gender. And her mother was where I got my demonstrator chops from, she protested Nukes and approved my dissent over VietNam, while she turned her attention to educating inner city kids, turns out, she had been politically active since her teens. After she passed away we found a paper sash that she had worn as a child, with her twin sister and their mother, marching in the suffragette demonstrations in NYC.
    Between a girlfriend who'd been abused by her ex and the campaign for the ERA, I got an education in women's issues and that was woven into the rest of the issues that I was involved with and shaping my life with.
    Some years later and with a different PTSD girlfriend (I guess I go for fixer-uppers), living in LA, we got involved in clinic defenses when Operation Rescue was bombing and blockading them.
    So, though I don't know that I could call myself Feminist, I'll own up to fem-friendly, how's that?

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