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View Diary: NE-Sen: Jim Webb told me to give to Bob Kerrey, so i did (25 comments)

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    I know a lot of people on DKos don't get the weirdness that is Nebraska politics, but Kerrey is much more progressive than many people give him credit for (supports gay marriage, the DREAM Act, Obamacare, the Buffett rule, repealing Citizens United, etc). I think the stigma of Ben Nelson has eroded many people's belief that NE can elect an actual progressive outside of Omaha, so any statewide Dem must NOT REALLY be a progressive. Simply not true with Kerrey.

    Deb Fischer is an empty suit tea partier incapable of saying anything that is not a Norquist/Rove/Koch approved soundbite.

    Also, this race is much closer than the national pundits would have you believe which is why Fischer has stayed negative for so long. Both sides internals have this at 5 or 6 points apart, but if you believe that Kerrey was actually down by 25 a month ago, then down 10 last week as the Omaha World Herald reported, then that shows 1) a huge gap elimination and 2) momentum for Kerrey.

    Take a moment and give a proven Senator and hero some love at

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