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View Diary: Why are Conservatives still crazy after all these years? (72 comments)

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  •  We can't change them. (1+ / 0-)
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    And they will always be with us.

    The reason that they are so disruptive now is that they are united. There are economic incentives for those who fund Limbaugh, et al.

    What we need is for them to be divided. We need to some of them to be left-wing crazies. The problem is that there is no one with both the motivation and the resources to do this.

    The best thing that could happen medium term is for the Christian Right to fall out with the Libertarians.

    The long-term solution is to create a society thats supports individuals so that they don't grow up so fearful. And we are doing that, slowly but surely. That's what the paranoid delusional sociopaths are really afraid of, subconsciously. They are afraid that they are dying out. Of course, there will always be some - it's a matter of inborn temperment to a degree. But there really will be fewer of them.

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