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View Diary: Why are Conservatives still crazy after all these years? (72 comments)

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  •  It's the threat of change (2+ / 0-)
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    grollen, Chitown Kev

    Change is threatening to some people, and whether they're right about how things used to be isn't important. A change from how they think things used to be is what matters. Combine that with a time of genuinely rapid change, and crazy isn't hard to come up with. Liberals certainly can be prone to irrationality, but we have the good fortune of being disposed by personality to accept or even welcome change. I'm not suggesting liberals are any more happy about change in the form of economic dislocation than anyone else, but change that's more vague in its ramifications, like demographic change, doesn't threaten a liberal worldview, whereas for conservatives, current change is threatening their worldview and sense of identity. I find thinking about political attitudes in terms of how people respond to change helps understand politics across cultures.

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