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View Diary: Sunday Train: Trains and Not Destroying Civilization (44 comments)

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  •  the public option was DOA (0+ / 0-)

    because of the votes, it happened move on or not.  But if not then you'll excuse me (or not) for having a hard time taking you seriously.

    Progress is almost exclusively incremental and that's what the AHCA is, incremental progress that will also allow for states to set up their own single payer options (which vermont is doing.

    Frankly I think the problem here is perception, you're inclined to see crumbles when really there's a loaf there. It might not have been precisely the type of bread we wanted and it's a little oddly shaped but it's a loaf. And if we want more and better then we work with what we have.

    Pragmatism and praticalism are not dirty words.

    And yes Obama walked into it, the bottom dropped out of the economy literally months before the election. Obama's only other choice was to quit and give it to McCain, are you seriously going to argue he should have done that?

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