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View Diary: Paul Krugman asks if the election will be honored (266 comments)

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  •  maybe this will illustrate it; (13+ / 0-)

    teacherken's conclusion;

    Read the Krugman.

    Pass it on -

    -  to any Member of the current House or of the United States Senate that you know.

    Let them know you will be watching.

    That in voting for Obama and for as many Democrats as we can get into the forthcoming Congress, we are not validating the "Grand Bargain" and we do not accept Simpson-Bowles.

    seems clear to me.
    Don't just blindly send money or vote.
    Attach a message to your support.
    Demand that your vote or donation be honored in its spirit.
    Make demands of your representatives proactively.

    Quite valuable, imo.

    R-Money/R-Ayn, the ENRON Ticket, is not a campaign; it's a hostile takeover bid.

    by kamarvt on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 05:17:28 AM PDT

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