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View Diary: * NEW DAY * - How Did You Express Your Political Views Before Daily Kos? +Kossack Event Updates! (139 comments)

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  •  A personal note... (8+ / 0-)

    Our family immigrated here starting 1998.   We were basically conservative and watched Fox and CNN - hardly missed Oreilly, Hannity et al.

    My serious involvement in the political scene began with a fight with my sister and b-in-law during the first Bush-Gore debate in Oct 2000.  

    I saw the glint in Dubya's eyes when he spoke of the executions in TX - and I voiced my dismay with a comment, "This guy is wicked!".... which led to a series of family disagreements.   I was told to STFU and keep my views to myself... got pretty personal.    This continued all the way to the beginning of the Iraq war.  

    It was my heated opposition to the war that my sister and my b-in-law started paying attention to my views.  They moved their position from the right to the center.  

    But what converted them to the Democratic side was my call to my sister just after BO's 2004 speech at the DNC in Boston.   I said, "Did you just watch the next president's speech?"   And she asked who I was talking about... and I told her it was going to be a black guy called Barack Obama.   She said something like,"WHO?  Black?  Not possible!   And why are you sounding like that?"   Of course I had to say I was running a cold (didn't want to admit I was an emotional wreck) and told her to turn on her TV and watch the speech.  

    She called back 30-odd minutes later - she was sobbing uncontrollably - but she sounded happy!!   Obama's speech reminded her why she had migrated to the US.
    Of course, we are now all Democrats.... and hate-mongering is not allowed into our homes.

    So yes, before Kos - I swore and broke pencils!  

    Just a small-minded 'merican that wants to see the Romney 2009 FBAR

    by griz4u on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 08:51:45 AM PDT

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