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View Diary: Let's Take Caring Out of the Equation (46 comments)

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  •  the semantics are so important (2+ / 0-)
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    (care1) I think the premise was to take touchy-feely caring and warm-and-fuzzy compassion out of the policy equation as an exercise.

    (care2) Clearly there is also the health care type of care as well as the health payments for care issue -- which as you say could be taken to mean that care itself was not part of the equation.

    (care3) In my commenting I also felt that paleo-Republican caring about costs and government efficiency can remain in the equation if performing the no-compassion exercise.

    I know this meaning-splitting is tedious but it's all very important. Especially for pro-compassionate-policy Dems who want to argue that the economics support their policy arguments. (Use care3 as a Trojan horse for care1 because that's the world we want to live in.)

    Feel free to correct me, including further sematic splitting.


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