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View Diary: RNC Cancels All Swing State Voter Registration Drives; UPDATE Chamber picks up slack (130 comments)

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    If anyone were to suggest that the combination of micro-marketing databases and a Republican Registration Robosigning machine with branches operating in many states is part of a larger conspiracy to in some way impact the election results more than gumming up the works or gaming the stats, they would want to provide some predictions.
    If one were to find overlaps between these robovoters and absentee ballots, they would probably want to compare a bunch of signatures, to get real water tight evidence.  Just because it is easy, and GOP suppression laws leave absentee ballots largely immune to scrutiny, does not mean it is correct to assume that is the plan.  Obviously if this occurred with any frequency, we would find a number of cases of absentee voters who also went to the polls. Presumably there are existing stats on this, but even anomalies would just be CT without finding a couple cases, which would still just be anecdotal, until the NYT wrote about it.

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