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View Diary: RNC Cancels All Swing State Voter Registration Drives; UPDATE Chamber picks up slack (130 comments)

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    Not one amendment proposed in Florida this year came from the citizen electorate.  The eleven amendments are a combination of ALEC-style Republlican Trojan horses buried along with a bunch of tax items that don't belong in the Constitution at all.

    The idea seems to have been to snow the voters by making the ballot so obscure that one of two things will happen: either ignore the amendment section entirely, or vote the titles.

    Ignoring the amendments is the most likely based on the random statements I've heard.  "i'll just vote for the president and maybe the local stuff and skip the amendments; it's too complicated."  That's one of the ways the crooks hope to carry some of the issues.  Limiting the number of cast votes to a fraction of the total number of people casting votes magnifies the YES votes where the issues must pass by 60%.

    Next comes the 'can-do' voters who vote based on titles.  Right up front is the amendment to essentially resist the ACA implementation to the maximum degree possible on states' righhts grounds, titled, cagily, "Health Care Services".  Then there's the one that will repeal Florida's 126 year old prohibition of passing state tax money (schools, services, etc.) to religious institutions, cutely named "Religious Freedom".  And the list goes on.

    So start with 1000 voters.  Use the gag reflex of four pages of fine print to scare away 500.  Take advantage of the 100 who just vote YES on anything like this.  Follow it up with the 100 who vote the deceptive titles.  Now you only need 100 of your partisans to pass CONSTITUTIONAL amendments (with 300 of the 500 votes cast) that none of the other 700 would have ever agreed to in the light of day.  It's the Floirida shell game.

    The only rational voter guide that protects the middle class and people who just want to live their lifes without the oppression of the new Taliban is to vote NO on each and every amendment.  After the election, the tax items can be cleared up in the normal sessions next year if they are even worth it.  Meanwhile, don't bother studying the issues: Just Say NO!

    Oh, except for the Supreme Court justices the Koch brothers are trying to destroy for Rick Scott.  Vote them all IN.

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