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View Diary: RNC Cancels All Swing State Voter Registration Drives; UPDATE Chamber picks up slack (130 comments)

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    We had this kind of problem in California a few years ago.  

    The California Republican Party had a program called "Operation Bounty"  in which they paid various amounts of money for Republican registrations depending on the priority.  If it was a district that had a vulnerable Democrat, they would pay more.  If it was a safe seat (either side) they would pay less.

    I know that you could make $6 per registration in some districts and perhaps it was higher.  I am also aware that you could work all day and get only one or two Republican registrations.

    Workers would often submit phony registration forms, get paid at the end of the week and no one would be the wiser.  GOTV was a bitch, but all of it was a fraud on the California Republican Party.  I am not aware of any effort to convert the phony registrations into phony votes, but it is not impossible.

    I notice that the workers in this case were paid by the hour and not by the registration form.  However, if you work for 8 hours, earn $100 and produce 2 Republican registrations and 10 Democratic registrations, you are not likely to work very many days.

    The most credible take on this is that the workers had trouble keeping smiles on the faces of their supervisors and phonied up some registrations.  It is entirely possible that they threw away Democratic registrations, although often the forms are numbered and a missing form requires an explanation.  

    I think the RNC discontinued the program because they realized they were being suckered.  If they were actually conducting an effort to steal votes, they would continue with the program and call it an anti-terrorism effort.

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