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  •  Charter/GE like all the rest. (7+ / 0-)

    They want access to public money spent on education. Tom Barrett, former Intel CEO, was on CNBC this morning, selling his pet charter schools in Arizona. The first he mentioned was money. He was salivating over the money in kid's backpacks.

    We have a frenzy over education. Those with power and money see an easy target. They talk about how much money we spend compared to the rest of the world. Well, they are comparing salary and a large population. What is their solution? Make it a business! We'll pay executive leadership massive amounts and we'll drive down teacher's salaries. The absurdity of it all. It is our system of money and government.

    •  How much we spend (4+ / 0-)

      compared to the rest of the world: I've been thinking about that. I work in public schools and recently looked at the very detailed annual budget for our district. Significant outlays include:

      1. Healthcare benefits for employees. Guess what? Schools in other civilized countries don't have to pay for employee insurance, because of universal healthcare.

      2. School buses. This is a big expense. In many European cities, kids receive passes to use the regular public transit system, but here, we insist on running a separate transit system just for schools. This isn't cheap.

      3. Health clinics, social work services, and free/reduced meals. Clearly, it should not be the schools' obligation to address these wider social problems.

      etc... so it's really apples to oranges to say "Oh my god we spend more than Sweden and our schools are worse!"

      •  My sister is a public school teachers in GA (5+ / 0-)

        30 years and this year, she has to  pay for all her own benefits out of pocket. The district is not paying a cent towards their heatlh and dental insurance. They have to pay every cent out of pocket.

        She is a public school teacher in a state where teacher unions are completely powerless.  She says she can barely afford food and she is hurting badly.

        This year they all took pay cuts of hundreds of dollars per month plus they have to pay all their own benefits and for all their insurance.

        My sister works 13 hour days as she is doing 2 jobs because the principal asks her for favors and to help out and that is free work she is doing. Plus she took on some other jobs for a little extra money ..and she is suffering badly.

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        by wishingwell on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 10:53:08 AM PDT

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        •  I saw recently (1+ / 0-)
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          a study asking what percentage of teachers have other jobs on the side just to make ends meet - can't remember the exact figure but it was an alarmingly high number.

          I'm in TX - not a whole lot better than GA. There are teacher unions, but basically powerless as they are prohibited by law from collective bargaining and other activities. The extra stuff admin asks teachers to do is one of those insidious things that real unions can fight against. In TX recently, some districts had problems keeping a duty-free lunch period for teachers, as teachers were being asked to do other things (cafeteria monitoring, paperwork, bus duty loading and unloading pre-k, etc.) during their meager 30-minute lunch. This is totally unacceptable.

          The teachers won in this case, but I think the general public just doesn't understand that without union protection, bad administrators can make it pretty impossible for teachers to do their jobs. The kicker is that in states like Texas, teachers sign up for one-year contracts. They aren't protected from being fired, but can face all kinds of penalties if they find their job situation untenable and leave before the end of their contract (and no teacher really wants to abandon her students in the middle of the school year). I really wish people would stop crapping on teachers and start understanding the difficulties that people like your sister face. I may never forgive the right wing for making it acceptable to hate and blame teachers.

          •  Yes my sister says that collective bargaining for (2+ / 0-)

            public employees is not allowed in GA. They get whatever they get and the Unions have no power over it at all.

            She cannot take on a second job because she puts in 70 plus hours at the school with being a teacher, athletic director, and extra duties assigned to her.  

            She said she could fight about and refuse to do the extra secretarial duties she has taken on but she can retire most anytime now and once she leaves, she is gone and leaving the state.  

            She may sub but not in that state.

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            by wishingwell on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 12:11:30 PM PDT

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