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  •  Go back and look at how BHO dissected McCain (0+ / 0-)

    and the others. Very often he did not need to make much of the accusation against him, but would simply point out that the attack on him was an insult to a major segment of the population. He took on the main points that McCain was trying to make, but let most of it slide, counting on people to be able to tell when they were being dissed in the ordinary way.

    Rudy Giuliani on community organizers was the worst. "Heh. What's that?"

    Audience, with thumbs and forefingers together in a circle: "Ze-ro! Ze-ro!"

    They lost a number of their best GOTV organizers, who came over to the Obama campaign. Obama didn't have to say a word.

    Have you heard that the Republican Party has not only fired its criminal voter registration company, under investigation in ten counties in Florida, but has announced that it will do no more voter registration this season in the five swing states they were covering? Rachel featured it earlier tonight. North Carolina, the last tossup swing state, is included.

    Fumble fail—Score one more for our team. If they go on like this, they could lose Indiana!

    I knew that we had more and better volunteers than they did, but I didn't know that they had outsourced their GOTV.  (Badaboom, tish!) Oh, zing! To a company that is as bad as they are, that is also about to go under.

    Bill Maher gave professional props to Clint Eastwood for doing improv with an empty chair and killing the room. No matter how easy the audience, comedy is hard. I can't wait to hear his zingers for Mitt. Here, let me warm you up for him.

    • Mitt Romney told a joke last night. His money told a better one. Well, Mitt laughed, anyway.
    • Mitt Romney is so humor-impaired, he thinks Ayn Rand is funny.
    • Romney tried to hit President Obama with a zinger at the debate. The President replied, "That's not a zinger, Mitt. This is a zinger." Because he's Just That Good.
    • Mitt Romney had the robot vote all sewed up until they discovered that none of them pays taxes. Actually, Ann Romney doesn't mind when people call Mitt the Mittbot. "It humanizes him."
    • Mitt Romney told a joke last night. That was when the Tea Parties finally insisted on seeing his birth certificate to prove it was really him.
    • Mitt Romney told a joke last night, and Rush Limbaugh laughed. That was when I knew real fear.
    • I talked to Mitt's supporters last night. He doesn't have any. (Oh, come on. That's so old.)
    • Here are the top ten reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney: the Republican Party
    • Now, you know you want to join in. Let's hear them.

    America—We built that!

    by Mokurai on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 11:03:25 PM PDT

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