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View Diary: Romney's complaints about Obama's Middle East policy is same decades-old GOP 'weak on defense' claim (80 comments)

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  •  bin Laden is dead (0+ / 0-)

    and Al Qaeda is very much alive—and the various administration reports of its marked diminishment and approaching death just a touch premature. But it's good to see that they finally threw Susan Rice under the bus and acknowledged that our consulate was not attacked by a couple of guys with RPGs who just happened to be wandering by. And I imagine those FBI guys in Libya will have the killers in hand by sundown.

    Otherwise, Mr. Obama has done a bang-up job on the Middle East. Didn't quite get around to solving the Israeli-Palestinian issue like he foresaw, and didn't get around to removing that little sore point called Guantanamo (even when the Dems still controlled Congress). At least we know that, in contrast to Bush, Mr. Obama has made the U.S. once again respected, possibly loved, throughout the region.

    Nice also that he found time to give a speech in Cairo a couple of years ago, but still hasn't found time for Israel, or even to meet with Netanyahu in NYC (or with any other foreign leader, for that matter—a very smooth diplomatic move, I'm sure. Maybe he just sent them all iPods or DVDs or something. Or maybe he got a price break on some more reset buttons.)

    Whatever this administration's virtues, I find much of what passes for its foreign policy mystifying and frustrating.

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