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View Diary: New Study Predicts 6m Annual Deaths and 3% GDP Loss by 2030 - But That's Not the Real Story (30 comments)

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    My, aren't those smart white people in America and Australia resilient!

    I think those subsistence farmers in New Guinea are going to be a lot less vulnerable than the cartographer with the crayons.  They have less to lose, because they don't have much to begin with.  Many of them can do just fine without cars and fossil fuels and imported feedstocks because that is exactly where they are right now.  Oh, if their climate changes to a drier one, they may have to change crops from sweet potatoes to millet, but on the whole, I imagine them to be pretty resilient.  

    People living in the Florida Keys and the Outer Banks of NC, I think climate change is going to try their resilience.  Same with the red state farmers of OK, KS, NE, SD, and ND.  They better get used to coping with the floods of 2011 followed by the droughts of 2012, because the models have more of that in store.

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      That's an interesting perspective on this and one I'm not sure if the report captures. I'll have to go take a look. This map may be as accurate an illustration of the metrics they chose that we have, but I don't know if they captured that type of resilience. I think as globalization increases though, situations like the one you described begin to disappear since we become part of one big food pool.

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