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View Diary: New Study Predicts 6m Annual Deaths and 3% GDP Loss by 2030 - But That's Not the Real Story (30 comments)

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  •  Sigh. I'll need to set aside (1+ / 0-)
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    some time to really pour over the study, so thanks again for linking it.

    Just thinking (as I sometimes do, FWIW) that most people are not expecting humans who live in low-lying coastal areas to hang around watching the water rise until they finally drown, and how easy it really is to de-emphasize to the point of hiding any increases that really can be attributed to climate change.

    Those will be increases in tropical disease mortality (including malaria) as the range of vectors moves north and south from the equatorial regions. Increasing droughts and floods that lead to crop failures and starvation. Worsening storms that have higher death tolls wherever they strike. Etc., etc.

    The way things stand now - and the reason I've got links to check on this kind of stuff - CDC, WHO and other national/international recordkeepers are now firmly predicting cancer rate increases to the 2 in 3 range (or higher) by 2050 in every industrialized nation. And cancer is primarily an environmental disease - caused by carcinogens in our air, water and food supply that have been building up for longer than there has been a singularly ineffective "War On Cancer." Or perhaps more appropriately, "War on Medical Care for Those Who Need It."

    Doing something concrete about carbon emissions and farm policy stupidity could go a long way towards dampening that increase in cancer. So dealing with climate change realistically could cut even current crude mortality figures. People have been dying en masse due to our short-sighted reliance on fossil fuels and insane agricultural practices for quite a long time already.

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