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View Diary: Drone War Crimes Accusations An October Challenge For President? (177 comments)

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  •  But the POTUS actually has to (0+ / 0-)

    deal with precisely these scenarios. You never know if the targets will kill Americans soon, or ever. And you don't know for sure how many innocents will die. But you do know that you have only a brief moment to make a decision.

    These situations are way more complicated and sticky than you would like to admit. It ain't so clear-cut. Never launching a drone is certainly not a responsible strategy, not if your purpose is to minimize the loss of innocent life.

    •  Actually, perhaps you could tell us (6+ / 0-)

      the last time POTUS had 50 minutes to deal with a potential disaster.

      Hey, you've got 50 minutes. :-)

      •  So that's your strategy here, pretend (0+ / 0-)

        like tough calls don't come up for the president, so you don't have to say what alternative course you'd employ? Sorry, but in the real world there are bad guys, and as president you rarely get to kill a bad guy and know a) that he is for sure a bad guy and b) that nobody else will die in the blast. You are forced to make decisions with imperfect information. Sometimes Obama probably would make a different decision if given a second chance once he learns the outcome. Other times he is glad he ordered the attack. But in all cases, he can only do the best he can do given the information he has.

        You guys would NEVER pull the trigger I guess, not unless your information was guaranteed correct and there is zero chance of innocents dying. That would be an abrogation of duty IMO.

        •  You said the bad guy (4+ / 0-)

          was about to do something really awful in 50 minutes.  That doesn't seem to have been the case in any of our drone strikes.  Rather, the truth may have been that we had a 50-minute window in which to kill the bad guy (and whoever else might have been around).  Assuming of course he was a bad guy in the first place.  But that's hardly a "ticking bomb scenario," Mr. Bauer.

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