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View Diary: New questions emerge about Mitt Romney's run-in with the law (140 comments)

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  •  The same idea we use for medical care costs (1+ / 0-)
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    and insurance premiums. The greater the need, the higher the price. The smaller the income, the higher the price.

    Business 101. Price your goods as high as the market will bear. Mitigate your risk by punishing your employees and your customers severely. Why do you think the Republican platform supports torture? You silly lazy socialist scumbag, you.

    That's what happens when so many of us expect free stuff.

    Oh, it's ok officer. I'll just pay the fine like I've always done when IRS penalties or SEC fines are levied against my corporation-people.

    My boat corporation is people, too, my friend.

    Think about what Willard actually did.

    1. He gets a ticket for attempting to launch an unregistered boat.
    2. He hands money to a law enforcement officer.
    3. He then launches the boat against the protests of the very same law enforcement officer.
    4. Odds are good that he explained that he was the Governor, for Pete's sake. And a lawyer. And he knows rich people. That always helps, right?

    A normal person would understand that it's probably not a good idea to violate the very same law in full view of the law enforcement officer who just cited you for that violation. A normal person understands that a fine is not the same thing as a bribe. A normal person does not argue with a police officer. A normal person does not disobey orders given by law enforcement officers.

    Things will be different if he gets elected and converts our country in the The United Republics of Kolob.

    This is not such an insignificant little nit of a problem. It fits right in with all the other disconnects he has with most humans. It reinforces the overwhelming evidence that Willard is a self-made self-centered self-righteous sociopath and a full tilt Asshole.

    He isn't fit to run for the office of Fence Viewer for any town in New England. Fence Viewers walk the borders of their town looking for markers and folks from the adjacent towns who are also out walking in the woods.

    These days, Fence Viewers turn this into a social event and try to get the town to pay for a little of the beer they'll be drinking. Besides, it's a tradition. That's the excuse.

    Willard wouldn't get that job. And it's not because he doesn't drink beer. It's because we Yankees know he won't do the job. He'd try to cheat somehow. Or he'd hire someone to do the job that no 'Mericans will do.

    And that's the problem with Willard.

    And that's the problem with free market ideology.

    "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

    by GrumpyOldGeek on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 01:51:33 PM PDT

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