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View Diary: Supremes to NOM: Go Pound Maine Sand (67 comments)

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  •  just in time for the election, too! (6+ / 0-)
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    ColoTim, kestrel9000, ozsea1, Aunt Pat, rb608, Smoh

    "But that means I won't be able to vote!"

    "Sorry 'bout that, now please take a seat in the back of the patrol car..."

    On the other hand, they can still celebrate whatever Republican victory may remain after we clean-sweep this year... in their cells.... with a victory dinner of bland meatloaf ("three days in a row!, this is cruel and unusual punishment!") and a toast of lukewarm water in paper cups!   Moo-haa-haaaaa!

    "Minus two votes for the Republican" equals "plus one vote for the Democrat." Arithmetic doesn't care about their feelings either!

    by G2geek on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 12:36:02 PM PDT

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