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View Diary: Michele Bachmann is getting more unhinged (118 comments)

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  •  My letter to St Cloud Times (14+ / 0-)

    I haven't heard back so I guess they don't intend to print it....

    I was born and raised in St Cloud, attending Holy Spirit School and St John's Prep for 12 years. I have since moved away, but have always been able to speak with pride of my home town -- which I miss most at this time of year as the leaves are their glorious best.  The one major blot on the reputation of Central Minnesota is your representative in the US Congress.  

    Michele Bachmann is simply an embarrassment.  She is known nationally and internationally as a buffoon and a fool.  She blends ignorance, hate, and egotism in a truly frightening way.  Please realize that she represents you to the rest of the nation and beyond, in more ways than one -- not just the votes she casts, but with her self-promoting style and attention-grabbing absurd statements.  If you don't believe me, Google “Michele Bachmann quotes" and look at the results...the adjectives that come up are Dumb, Controversial, Bad, Craziest....

    In Jim Graves you have a competent serious, strong alternative.  For those of you planning to vote for Bachmann based on party and issues like abortion, and gay rights, and low taxes for the wealthy, please reread your New Testament; I think you will fail to find much about any of those, but a great deal about treating everyone with love and respect, and also caring for the needy.  If you wish to vote based on your own economic interest, please consider Bachmann’s strong support for Paul Ryan’s budget that would defund Medicare and Medicaid, and impact all federal programs from weather to food and product safety to emergency response, and still increase the deficit with tax cuts.  I bet you know people depending on Medicare and Medicaid.  

    Please vote for Graves and make me proud of Central Minnesota again.

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