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View Diary: Alternet thinks it may know Romney's "October Surprise" (125 comments)

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    Few people under the age of 50 will have any meaningful recollection of the Carter years.  Those over 50 have already made up their mind if they hate Obama or not.

    And Carter had gasoline rationing, high inflation, and a botched raid to free the hostages in Iran that he had to contend with.  On the other hand, Obama gave the order that got bin Laden, the auto companies are thriving, and while job numbers aren't outstanding they're at least headed in the right direction.

    I think this late in the game, making a Carter comparison is coming off more as a Hail Mary.

    •  These are the people stupid enough to ask (0+ / 0-)
      Are you better off than you were four years ago?
      Even the 1% are far, far better off than they were four years ago, the ungrateful, mooching, entitled wretches. Oh, and who was it who drove the economy into the ditch? Remind me. And who was it whose whole electoral strategy for the last four years has been to keep it there and blame us and our President for their actions? It is the classic line of the violent and abusive husband:
      Now look what you made me do!
      Their only delusory, even hallucinatory hope is that we are weak-willed women/girly-men who can never get up the gumption and personal responsibility to say, "No means no," not even in the face of legitimate rape.

      "No! No!! Anything but that!!!" they expect us to cry.

      Do it to Julia!
      George Orwell, 1984

      America—We built that!

      by Mokurai on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 04:04:41 PM PDT

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