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View Diary: Alternet thinks it may know Romney's "October Surprise" (125 comments)

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  •  Obama does need to get some facts before making (4+ / 0-)
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    auapplemac, Catte Nappe, anninla, raster44

    public statements about the facts. Looting, passage of time, difficulty getting the FBI in to work in Libya, probably lack of forensic experience by the locals, etc all contribute to a situation where it's difficult to put together a coherent, much less comprehensive, picture of what went on (including communications) before, during, and after the events.

    So I support Obama taking his time here, so he doesn't make a premature statement and then have to contradict himself later.

    •  The Administration has already done this with the (1+ / 0-)
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      various statements that have been made since the attack.

      As I said above, the fact that the very first statement did not mention the possibility that it did involve terrorists is problematic and has lead to much of the R's licking their chops.

      Progressives will win only when we convince a majority that they, too, are Progressive. And... It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!

      by auapplemac on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 02:33:00 PM PDT

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      •  The first statement was from Egypt (0+ / 0-)

        and necessarily failed to mention the Libyan terrorist militia attack that had not at that time occurred.

        Our President gets to look Presidential if Romney brings this up, contrasting his responsibility to all of the US with the irresponsible Romney's unseemly jumping the gun, gloating over terrorists attacking us, dissing the First Amendment, etc. In much more polite and Presidential language, of course. While also drawing attention to Romney's continuing insults to a large majority of the US population.

        Let's see. First, 47% of the population, including the young, the old, poor immigrants and other working poor, the disabled, and the military. Including the poor White segment of the Republican coalition. Then all of the remaining women. Then Blacks and other minorities prosperous enough to pay income tax. Doctors and lawyers, unless they are in it only for the money (but not product liability and other tort lawyers). Teachers, police, firefighters, judges, and all other government employees. Among others.

        Now, how about Biden in 2016? Well, he is White, Catholic, born in Pennsylvania. I am sorry to have to say so, but I expect that he gets the entire Obama coalition plus 5-10% of swing voters who cannot bring themselves to vote for a Black man. And another 5% because we will be doing GOTV in the form of voter registration for another four years solid, among Latinos, the young, the old, the previously discouraged, and anybody else the ever-more-strident Republicans push our way.

        America—We built that!

        by Mokurai on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 04:43:06 PM PDT

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        •  The initial response I was referring to was (0+ / 0-)

          from Susan Rice. I know about the response from Egypt - that occurred before the Libyan attack.

          My reference were all about comments from the Adm. after the attack and were about Libya.

          Progressives will win only when we convince a majority that they, too, are Progressive. And... It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!

          by auapplemac on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 06:26:20 PM PDT

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