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View Diary: Alternet thinks it may know Romney's "October Surprise" (125 comments)

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  •  Consulate does not = embassy. (4+ / 0-)

    And did it possibly occur to you that ramping up security at a consulate could have tipped a very delicate situation in Bengazi even more out of balance?

    Ambassador Stevens was not ordered to stay at the consulate in Bengazi.  He chose to stay of his own accord.  Most ambassadors choose to stay at the embassy and the one we have in Tripoli is heavily fortified.

    How can we say that something is poorly or well handled if we don't know all the facts at hand.  This is still unravelling.

    All I do know is that the Libyan people were mortified at the events that occurred and it is clear to me that outside forces are trying to manipulate the situation.  What is not clear to me and might not be to anyone else is exactly who is behind the forces.

    Let Romney try and spin this.  In order for his claim of incompetence to stick, he has to prove that the threats were obvious and the correct course of action was equally as obvious, but ignored for some reason.  I don't think either is true.  If Obama mishandled this, the follow-up question would be, "What would you have done, instead?"  That's when things get interesting for Mr. Romney.

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