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View Diary: Federal judge smacks down challenge to Obama administration's birth control insurance coverage rule (92 comments)

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    RFRA does not protect against the slight burden on religious exercise that arises when one’s money circuitously flows to support the conduct of other free-exercise-wielding individuals who hold religious beliefs that differ from one’s own.
    This principle applies to so many things.   The business owner otherwise might also pay no taxes because some tax proceeds are used for programs that he has a religious disagreement with.   Ah, such anarchy would ensue if we all could perform individual line-item tax revenue vetoes.  

    In an tangential manner, this also applies to those modern quasi-secessionists who want to selectively choose which Federal laws to disregard. There is no choice to be made.

    Now, if only a judge could provide similar lucidity to strike down those cases where laws are passed purely on religious basis to restrict the freedoms of other people.  

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