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View Diary: Federal judge smacks down challenge to Obama administration's birth control insurance coverage rule (92 comments)

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  •  if a corporation (0+ / 0-)

    the collective voice as to the financial interests cannot speak, can you steal their words, no copyright protection for their advertising, no trademark protections, etc?  Only for individuals?

    You have to give a name to the collective's rights.

    Or flat out state you want them banned, nothing but sole proprietorships as entities for doing business.  Or you could argue their should be absolutely not private ownership of property period. One could make that argument, but if one allows corporations to exist, then they have financial interests that must be recognized by the laws.  As such, they have limited rights of persons, if you can't take property from an individual by eminent domain without payment, you can't take it from the corporation.  If an individual can own the rights to their words, a corporation can.This is a matter of line drawing, of extending necessary protections but never forgetting that personhood is a legal fiction to address these entities' rights and obligations, and that they are never the equivalent of humans as to all rights.

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