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View Diary: Obama Billboards: Signs the Village Is Ready to Blow Across America (204 comments)

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  •  I'm thinking of the very few people who (3+ / 0-)

    put these signs up and paid for them...

    ...and wondering what it must be like for these people to be at the mercy of their xenophobic agendas.  Are they like this all the time?  Could they really claim to believe that a majority of others will agree with them?  

    They know what they're doing is offensive.  But the election, at least as it stands now, appears to be heading for an outcome that rejects their hateful attitudes, thoughts, and agendas.  

    It looks at the moment as if Barack Obama will be re-elected.  Twice on the national ballot, twice elected.  And a loud reminder -- bigger than any billboard -- that xenophobia wasn't a proper adult response to civic adulthood.

    The haters are isolating their kind with these hateful signs.  Each of our one individual votes to re-elect the President puts a torch to these billboards.  

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