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View Diary: Lifeguards hired as public employees, Private Contractor fired. (66 comments)

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  •  Take the mercenaries in Iraq (4+ / 0-)

    We were paying companies like Blackwater to provide basic services that used to be done by well-trained soldiers and marines. The mercenaries (yeah, yeah, the politically correct term is "contractors") the mercenaries were being paid thirty TIMES what a serviceman would have been paid to do the same job. I don't care if every last mother's son of them is Rambo's bigger badder second cousin, there is no way one mercenary is more capable than 30 marines.

    But it's the magic of the marketplace. Any time you say "marketplace" everything costs less.

    And by the way, the idea that we somehow "needed" mercenaries to do "dangerous" and "Important" jobs kind of undercuts that whole "respect and honor the troops" mantra of the right, doesn't it? I mean we are supposed to have the best soldiers in the world (we're frikking PAYING enough for them). So why aren't they good enough in the eyes of the radical right? And where did all these mercenaries LEARN their jobs? Oh, right, in the frikkin military that isn't good enough to do the jobs the mercs were hired to do.

    If not for double standards, the right-wing would have no standards at all.

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