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  •  And the nuts just keep on coming (17+ / 0-)

    It seems to me, and I could well be naive, that the Rethugs are becoming so crazy, so offensive, so out of the mainstream of American experience and life, that they are on the brink of self-destruction. Having watched this madness begin (at least in my life-time) with Nixon's nasty tricks that began in his political runs in CA in the 1950's, through Reagan's clear 20-year agenda to populate local Town Councils, Boards of Supervisors and Boards of Ed with conservative members, to today's GOP, replete with madness and thuggery, I believe I see their hard work starting to pay off. But not for them. They whipped up the madness, then lost control.

    I agree with illinifan17 that it would be a great idea for "someone like McCain to spend full time exposing all this stuff and saying that it has no place in American politics". But McCain is batshit insane, so he's out. And so many of the Rethug leaders of the past are retired, dead, or afraid of the machine they helped create. I can't think of a single Rethug who has the balls and sanity to do the job.

    Things go in cycles, and sometimes I wonder how long this one will live. Tea Baggery is becoming synonymous with stupidity, cupidity and flat-out crazy. It is my fervent hope that Dems win BIG. Not just for the obvious fact that it will save the poor and middle class from further rape and pillage, but because it might make so many Tea Bagger's heads explode that they become even crazier. Surely (?) there are enough sane people in this nation who will turn their backs on the madness, until the Rethug Party of today has to change, or implode. "You may say I'm a dreamer..." Am I just being naive here? Can they continue to get worse and worse without eventually being whittled down to a small group of crazy that the rest of the nation repudiates? If not, then we're in BIG trouble.

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