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View Diary: Riot Police Used Against Peaceful Supporters of Striking Walmart Workers (140 comments)

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  •  This is what we got from 9/11 bedwetting (21+ / 0-)

    Every conservative (and liberal) who dived under the bed, pissed themselves and cried for the government to save them at any price, they brought this on.

    The 4th amendment was shredded to "keep us safe".  All maners of invasive and unconstitutional force were legalized, police powers expanded.  Only to hunt terrorists of course.

    It was a lie then and now the lie is exposed.  All the 9/11 terrorism dollars were spent with one purpose.  To build an army to control the American people and keep us in line.

    And it's probably already too late to get out of it.  Will Obama in a second term take away the riot gear and disband these thugs?  Of course not, and neither will any other president.

    The only recourse now is for protests to be so large, thousands upon thousands of people, to simply overwhelm any possible police response.  People will have to die for that to happen.

    And the Right continues to whine about affordable healthcare being the big socialist danger.

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