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View Diary: Riot Police Used Against Peaceful Supporters of Striking Walmart Workers (140 comments)

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  •  so when i said (1+ / 0-)
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    "look, i get the fact you hate the police do their job by the book and don't have the ability to take into account each situation separately."

    you agree.

    showing up in riot gear means the exact opposite of what you mean. it shows they don't know what to expect.

    and local police forces do now have a "massive corrdinated surveilance". they just don't. they have 911 and the hope they're being told the truth.

    you're right, i've never been arrested for any of those things. judging by your response you've never looked someone in the eye and had to ask them about their father or mother who was killed on the job at a call where no violence was expected. you've never had to call up a mother of a fallen police officer asking if she'd like to do an interview about her son. you most likely have not say through a half dozen police funerals, where every single person says it could have been prevented by things like a bullet proof vest.

    different life experiences lead two people to different conclusions. that's how i'm seeing this.

    •  I'll (1+ / 0-)
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      write out a longer response when I get home but by your logic if the police get a call to help a cat stuck in a tree they must collectively throw their hands up in the air and say
      "Jesus! We can't possibly know what to expect with that cat up in the tree!!

      There might be an armed gofer under the tree waiting to pounce up on us - bust out the riot gear!!!"

      •  sorry, gonna be an ass for a second (0+ / 0-)

        firefighters are the one who responds to cats stuck in trees (and they usually refuse to do so these days due to budget cuts)

        sorry - can't help myself

        i'm not saying what the police do is the best way, or the right way, i'm just saying it's what they're told, and taught, and trained to do. and when the SOP are put into place, or changed, I don't believe it's to intimidate grandmothers on a protest line. I belive it's genuinely for a safety reason.

        Again, not saying what the police do is right, or the best way. all i was trying to do was point out that outrage over the clothing being worn seems minor at best beacuse those cops don't truely have a choice.

        •  Cats come down out of trees. Ever seen a cat (0+ / 0-)

          skeleton in a tree?  Sorry, a Firefighter joke.  

          Romney is George W. Bush without brains.

          by thestructureguy on Tue Oct 02, 2012 at 02:30:28 PM PDT

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          •  no (0+ / 0-)

            but i have seen a cat stuck on a cactus for about 5 days.

            it's amazing how many people see that and call a newsroom but never thing to get out their ladder

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