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View Diary: Climate Change: Ask. The. Damn. Question. (h/t Meteor Blades) (5 comments)

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  •  I'm not entirely sure about that. (2+ / 0-)
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    Gorette, ManhattanMan

    I think that most people do want to see it discussed on the main stage - and with the option of truth or lie, they'll be more likely to recognize the truth & dismiss the $Rmoney options of doing nothing (or, more likely, making it far worse first).

    Romney is pretty strongly tied to the Republican party in people's minds, and reminding the public how the GOP's been faring against reality (Bobby "volcano monitoring" Jindal, NOLA/Katrina, the push for more offshore and BP's oil spill, etc.) it's a pretty raw nerve that's getting more exposure - unfortunately through more direct exposure - every day.

    I think it could be a pivotal issue with impacts opposite of what you fear - I think it would break the GOP's chances & really help the President.

    But, that's just my take. :)

    I fully agree with your last line, tho - get the voters thinking about it. Talking about it. And then make sure that the politicians know it's an issue that matters to them.

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