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View Diary: Top Florida Republicans have no advice for election officials about voter fraud by ... Republicans (66 comments)

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  •  We could be headed for another clusterf*ck in FL - (12+ / 0-)

    First, my son is one of the newly registered voters in Palm Beach County.  We did the form ourselves however, and we already got his new voter registration card.

    However, and I recently posted this on my FB page to alert people - I also unexpectedly recv'd a new voter registration card as it appears my polling location has changed. I called the supervisor of elections office here in Palm Beach on Monday and the nice lady on the phone looked up my info and confirmed that, because of the census and redistricting, many people have recv'd new voter reg. cards because of a change in precincts (I had 2 changes (senate and US Congress) and she pointed out the 2 differences from prior years) and therefore their polling location has changed.  She added (unsolicited) that many people are NOT paying attention to the new cards (assuming they were sent in error) and are throwing them away or simply not paying attention to them, assuming they're just new cards sent for no apparent reason.  I had a few people comment on my post that they didn't realize that their polling location had changed (that my post prompted them to look).  

    I hadn't heard or read anything about this locally so I don't know how many people may not realize that they got new voter ID cards because there are material changes to precincts and polling locations...

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