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  •  Voter Suppression effort in California (4+ / 0-)
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    (reposted from earlier diary, to keep this Voter suppression issue in the spotlight)

    Focused on  a locally contested county supervisor race in June 2012 in San Luis Obispo County, California, more than 900 registration cards collected from local college students were held past the registration deadline.

    Local news reporting tied this "voter supression" effort to a conservative organization in Stockton, Ca.  (Stockton is >200 miles from SLO County).

    The student voter registration canvasser used fraudulent names, addresses and telephone numbers.  This is prima facie evidence of malicious intent.

    The canvassers are tied to a (supposed) non-profit:  'Citizens of Constitutional Government'  CCGUSA solicits canvassers to "Earn Good Money" on its log-in page.

    Despite it's claim of non-profit status (a Guidestar registration exists for 2006), no IRS 990 forms have been filed.  In June 2012, this group was active in a remote location -- so staff and expenses were likely being paid by the local Republican organization funding a voter suppression effort in the hotly-contested, richly funded County challenge.

    The real name associated with this organization is Karl Geletich III of French Camp and/or Stockton.  Evident pseudonyms  used on public documents include Brandon Torchia, Candy Willey, and Brad Fenton.

    The most recent business address of the group is a decaying market in a depressed and half-demolished block of E. Miner in Stockton.

    No clear line of communication exists between Nathan Sproul's shell groups and the Geletich organization.  This may indicate that multiple "voter suppression" tricksters are being independently funded.

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