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  •  Hell I can tell you the nuns are wrong (11+ / 0-)

    Back when I was young I did, indeed, have a girlfriend.  We were each others first romantic relationship and we both entered the relationship as virgins. It was in some ways a wonderful relationship (but for the unfortunate problem that she lacked "guy parts") since we got along just great. Even after I came out to her. She began taking the pill before we ever had sex. And although I was not really super-duper attracted to her even at the beginning, just trying to pretend to myself that I wasn't gay, we managed to have a fairly decent sex life for several years.

    After me, she had two long-term relationships, the second of which culminated in marriage (a status she used to claim she didn't want). I can tell you for sure that her husband's not gay and I'm reasonably sure that her previous boyfriend also wasn't.

    Pheremones, shmeremones.

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