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  •  Broad brush (6+ / 0-)

    So, by your logic, the thousands of good teachers with terrible pay who are getting shafted by the school districts and denigrated by parents are made invisible because your child had a bad experience?

    Don't get me wrong here, I've got two children in public school and one of them has an IEP this year, but never have I had, nor have I heard of any other parent have experiences like you suggest.

    •  OMG- deep breath here (0+ / 0-)

      First:  I stated that "I am in no way denigrating those hard working teachers who aren't properly compensated. " so you're totally off base.

      Second:  A bad experience?   A bad experience???!!! I know children who have tried to commit suicide after being bullied by one of their teachers.  More like a life altering event that has scarred them for life.

      Third:  if you have never heard of experiences like I have related, then you should count your blessings.  Talk to any professional advocate or any special education attorney and they can enlighten you.  Heck, do a Google search.

      Also, how many parents do you know that actually admit their child has a disability?  You think that when a teacher calls CPS on the parents of a child with a disability to retaliate on them for complaining they arent providing the services the child is legal entitled too, they are going to discuss it with friends and neighbors?  Part of the reason these events stay hidden is because of the stigma attached.  

      I hope you child gets the services he/she needs and are entitled to.  If you keep your eyes and ears open and as you encounter other sped parents, you will hear your own stories and have your own "experiences".

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