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  •  This was no perfect storm- this happens every day (0+ / 0-)

    and not just out east.    I advocate for children all over Long Island and I see this all the time.  I could write a book about what I have witnessed and one day, I might.
    The incidents I relate happened in several different districts.  

    BTW:  Most teachers on LI contact with each school district individually and they each have their own union. There is no UFT contract.  And this has happened on many occasions and in many different districts.

    As for being informed about the pay rate, there is a website in where you can look up the salary of any teacher or educator and even in some cases look up the contract. Been lots of stories about in in Newsday etc. and lot of stories about it in the local papers as well.

    I never said anything about "vicious " principals or superintendents or union leaders.  I will tell you my superintendent had been found guilty in federal court of harassing a parent of special needs children and has also been rebuked for making anti Semitic remarks.  The fact that he gets pay raises even when his contract isnt up astounds me.

    And all it takes to destroy a child and cause permanent harm to their psyche is one bad teacher who cant be fired.

    FYI:  some of the incidents I mentioned have been reported in the newspapers and on TV, so no need just to reply on my word.

    •  In Arizona (1+ / 0-)
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      Where Charter schools are rampant this happened to a friend of mine. Her kid was in a (good) charter school  and is dyslexic  - she is bright but has learning diabilities. The owner of the charter school basically gave her no additional services to help. She even said, that if my friend didn't like it, maybe she should take her kid out of that school. Which she eventually did, and got services to help reading and writing from a special tutor at the public school and now her daughter is thriving.

      Did the director of the school (illegally) say they would not give services? No. But did the director take months and months to get someone, then the person who was supposed to be a specialist was unqualified, of no use, and likewise kept cancelling appts? yes

      Exact opposite of the film.   My experience in AZ which has the largest percentage of charter schools nationwide is that charter schools simply will not admit your child if they need special attention of any kind. And if they mess up and let them in, they will make sure they get you and your kid out of the school.  

      There was another kid at the same school with ADHD and basically he was beating up on other kids and having real problems. The school did nothing until it escalated and a group of parents told the director that something had to be done. That kid ended up not getting any help and eventually getting kicked out of the school for behavior problems. He is now attending public schools and doing better...

      One basic problem with special needs kids in charter schools is that it costs money to provide the extra services, and charter schools dont want to do that because they are for-profit enterprises.

      "We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics" - F.D.R.

      by biscobosco on Tue Oct 02, 2012 at 04:58:49 PM PDT

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    •  This validates the "Won't Back Down" worldview ? (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not saying bad things don't happen in schools. They do.

      What I question is whether takeover by a handful of motivated parents with specific grievances is the cure for what ails the schools.

      Remember " Local School Boards"   in the 5 Boroughs ?

      And I'm also  aware that the trend of opinion among Newsday readers (and editorial board) is that teachers (and other municipal employees, especially cops  are over paid, unaccountable, lazy  self-serving UNION slackers.

      And their answer is, of course, to make teachers into employees at will,  with across-the-board pay cuts and pensions equivalent to what is provided by the private sector.

      It may not make for better schools or police departments, but it'll at least look like a good faith effort at keeping the property taxes where they should be.

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