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  •  Jill Stein (4+ / 0-)

    is tempting and on the ballot here in OR. I really like what she has to say. My main problem about voting for a third party or even re registering as an Indie or Green is that I don't want to be pushed out of the Democratic party. It's so rigged that third party voters only strengthen the grip of the one party with two wings. Even when more better Dems get elected they have no power. I'm really burned up right now as Bowles is running ads against a candidate I really like Annie Kuster. She's not towing the austerity entitlement cuts line.  

    The new Democrat's would like it if the left just broke off and went away. Still when I fill out my ballot I don't know if I can stomach voting D when I know what I know. It makes me laugh/cry when partisan Dems start calling people who see what is going on and don't buy it as 'low information'. I am lucky as there are many down ticket good Dems and liberals in my district and state. So my dilemma is should I go or should I stay. Should I cool it or should I blow... Hey, that's a song....


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