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View Diary: WATCH: Why the Debates Are "All We've Got Left" (102 comments)

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  •  Bill, I don't even bother watching (7+ / 0-)

    them anymore.  I just tune in afterward to hear the catty and shallow instant commentary of the pundits because that's all that comes out of the debates that matters.  They always find some puny trivial error that becomes the dominant media narrative for the next week or two, worth a point or two in the polls.  And we get to hear the initial efforts at spin from the two sides and judge how successful the two sides' spin artists are.

    All of it bullshit.  It's the least important part of the election, but in terms of horserace reporting, yup, it's up there.  Sort of like the quality of the candidates' speaking abilities on conventional final nights, which override all considerations of policy discussion the night the convention ends.

    Al Gore's sighs.  Richard Nixon's sweaty upper lip.  George Bush Sr.'s watch.  Even when it benefits our side, it's disgustingly irrelevant.  And even if it moves the polls, the media's growing fascination with these things over the years has made their horse race importance even more exaggerated because they have come to dwarf all other considerations.

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