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View Diary: The Romney campaign's debate strategy: Try to appear human, not suck (198 comments)

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  •  In a reality-based debate, (3+ / 0-)
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    Gentle Giant, lcbo, TrueBlueMajority

    there would be 3 podiums.

    • One for Obama
    • One for Romney
    • One for Romney

    It would go something like this:

    Lehrer:  How do we manage health care going forward?

    Romney: As you know, ObamaCare™ is based on RomneyCare™; we insured everybody in the great state of Massachusetts, one of my proudest accomplishments.
    Obama: That's actually correct - and if not for Republican obstructionism, ObamaCare™ would have been stronger than the current state of things.
    Romney: And they stole $716B from Medicare to pay for it!  you don't die in your apartment if you get a heart attack; you're taken to the ER.  What could be better?

    I want popcorn AND beer for this show.

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