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View Diary: The Romney campaign's debate strategy: Try to appear human, not suck (198 comments)

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  •  Good luck prepping Rmoney for the fight (3+ / 0-)

    of his life. Dudes got thin skin, a short fuse and a glass jaw. It'll be interesting to see if his responses are still being geared towards the looney base. If they are he won't be able to help himself from being prickish because whenever he attempts this he tends to let his bully flag fly. If he pivots toward the middle to this large audience it will seal his reputation as a flip-flopper panderer. It also leaves openings for Obama to hit him hard on his previous stances. Either way America will get to see Romney the prick or Romney the phoney...or both if we're lucky.

    •  When he's among "his kind" Romney seems confident (0+ / 0-)

      enough to get away with bullying.  But he can't handle the street fight that is this election.  He just doesn't have it.  

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