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View Diary: The Romney campaign's debate strategy: Try to appear human, not suck (198 comments)

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  •  Mitt and Mini-Mitt are cut from the same cloth (4+ / 0-)

    Both of them have that wonderful sense of entitlement that the American people just LOVE.  You know, the kid in High School who had better clothes, went on trendy vacations, had better gear, inherited Dad's not-very-old car when he turned sixteen?  The one that all the girls were interested in because his family had money?

    You know, the one who bullied and sneered at other kids, particularly anyone who was different, or who stuttered or who obviously came from a poor family?

    That guy?  Big Man on Campus?  Complete douche?

    Someone who could say, as Ryan has, that he could explain the math and mechanics of his bogus budget plan, but "it would take too long".  Why would it take too long?  Because Ryan is too dumb to be able to summarize it, or because the numbers don't work, or because he himself doesn't understand his own "plan" very well?

    Or all of the above.  And as for trying to humanize Mitt?  Save yourself the trouble.  

    He is far too set in his ways to change.  Being a jerk has worked really well for him, why should he change?

    Now for fun, let's try to imagine Mitt in his post-campaign mode.  He's lost the election, decisively...  then what?  His whole tax-dodging life has been laid open like a book, and people have not liked what they saw.  He had advantages over most Americans, then he worked to take greater advantage by creative tax-dodges and subterfuges.  Nice, eh?  One of the haves and "wants mores".  HIs homies in the tax-dodgy world will not be appreciating the attention he drew to his finances, which in many cases will resemble their own.  It might have been better to just keep quiet and keep reaping the rewards.  

    Ever wonder why four out of his five sons asked him not to run for President?

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